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<p><strong>Andraia Treader</strong></p> <p><span>Eons ago in another dimension, my father thought I was a monster, my mother lost herself long before I was born, and my brother thought I was his pet. I was kidnapped by the child sex slave market, and my childhood was ruined. Then when the end of the world came to pass, my brothers and I banded together to try to bring it to Utopian standards. I, in turn, became the pawn for the destructive force that plagued the world, who I later learned was my husband. Not to mention discovering he destroyed my family, and tried to destroy my soul along with my body and mind, or at least what was left of it. I have since left his grasp and started my own life elsewhere. Now with my freedom intact, I only have brutal reminders of my past, but so much future to look forward to. In this other dimension, I have five kids (Emiliana, Westley, Trevor, Tawny, Indio, Pandora, and Xanadu.)</span></p> <p><br style=" clear:="" both="" /> <


Mesistophelese Morgenstern

The first fallen angel from heaven, after standing up to his twin brother, Michael for the time elapsed being abused by him in many ways. Known to be the devil and a deceiver, but utmost an androgynous polyamorous pansexual who finds the epicurian lifestyle suits him best. 

Forms: Six headed red dragon (Michael has the seventh head), very androgynous humanesque forms, chibi form, itty bitty form; all his forms are equipped with wings if need be

powers: teleportation, lightning, fire, splitting open the earth, changing things into evil things, summoning items, and controlling Sabeans and locusts

(Known children: Jennifer, Siren, Austin, Zepar, Christopher, Pepito, Herald, Phoenix, Gage, Vera, Rain, Armand Jr., Nicky, Styx, Aurora, Riley, Lilith, Penelope, Seth, Orion, Dylan, Kendra, Persephone, Pandora, and Xanadu.)



Loki "H.R. Pufnstuf" Gainsborough

The angel of death. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah? Yeah that was me. Fun times.

(Married to Emiliana Treader, father of Icarus.)


Bartelby Gainsborough

A dominion, I fought in the wars of old, and settled into my place as a scribe for Jovah. I read forth the verdict of Addonai YHWH Shaddai, before my brother issued forth penalty for their crimes. Feeling sorry for the people, I convinced Loki to stand up to Jovah to resign his place. We were then banished to Wisconsin, before trying to use Catholicism WOW as a way to get back into heaven. But we were thwarted. In the meantime, I find human beings to be rather frustrating, to say the least. Currently, finding a bit more compassion for them, as it seems quite a few just need to find acceptance somewhere. I opened up South Harmon Institute of Technology on the basis of just doing that.


Sascha Lloyd Kilmore

This is a sample paragraph.  Feel free to edit this text to make it say anything you would like it to say.  This is a sample paragraph.  Feel free to edit this text to make it say anything you would like it to say.  This is a sample paragraph.  Feel free to edit this text to make it say anything you would like it to say. 


Tiberius Kilmore

The jinn of the windy storms of the deserts south of the Mediterranean dispersed themselves among the world. They were the children of Lilith when she was originally banned from the Garden of Eden, and in her haste, she cursed her offspring to forever have to feed sexually from beings around them to survive. These are the incubi/succubi, even though some switch forms from time to time. Depending on where they settled down in the world is how they are seen; although, some prefer to remain in the spiritual realms for the most part as well.
From her birth from Durga, Kali was a bloodthirsty demon. She created the Six Sires, who brought about what are known commonly as vampires. Rather thought of in terms of an infection that could spread to their spawn, as well as those that aren't fully ravaged by their blood-thirst. This is how they survive.
The fusion of these two lines in recent millenia may be rare, but there are a few. But they must still walk the night streets, for the sun is a danger to them. Unless, but some circumstance, they come across the ability to walk among the sunlight. But such things do not matter to Tiberius. He prefers the raunchy alleys and the night scene. He DJ, and that usually gets him quite a few willing victims for both his needs. And he desires to feed quite often.